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Jim Gibson Air Boss

Jim Gibson - Air Boss

Air Boss - Announcer - Project Manager/Engineer


Our Mission

We will exceed client expectations by not only providing quality technical services and professional interaction, knowledge and creativity necessary to maximize the potential in our clients' airshows. We recognize the importance of a quality relationship between the airshow management, airshow partners, performers and regulators.


We consider our clients as partners. As a dynamic and progressive airshow consultant our primary focus is in listening to our clients' needs, while understanding each airshow’s unique issues and challenges. Therefore developing great solutions while communicating clearly and often with our clients is very important to the success or our relationships.


We believe in providing value to our clients. We value our clients' interests, visions, and budgets. We strive to find the most beneficial solutions and ways to meet our clients' needs and schedules while keeping their overall event in mind. We always look for ways to provide innovative, entertaining, and safe solutions while preserving the airshow’s overall vision. We do all this while not compromising quality and professionalism.


We recognize the importance of designing for the future. We work to come up with solutions that not only meet the needs of our clients, but that consider the complexity of today's FAA and local government regulations. Today’s regulations are continually changing and must be considered for every show location. We pride ourselves on being able to work local FAA and government partnerships to safely and professional react solutions that enviably come with airshows.


"Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail"


With the complexities of today's airshows and regulations it is important to understand and plan out an overall goal for the event. We can work with organizers to help attain those event goals thru our knowledge of new airshow trends, best management practices, performers and our overall experience of promoting airshows. It is our goal to recognize and understand the needs and objectives of our clients while providing a full range of our knowledge to realize the airshow’s needs.

"Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision"


The demanding phase of an airshow and its vital success will be in the quality, efficiency, and effective communication while obtaining the necessary permits and authorizations for the show. At JGA we have a calm and professional manner during the communications with FAA and local partners. We pride ourselves as knowledgeable, professional and strive to bring those qualities to each interaction we have with our airshow partners. We have over 25 years of obtaining government permits for all types of events, projects and negotiating solutions between partners.

"Lead, Execute, Manage"


An airboss is best known as the individual who is responsible for directing the airshow.


Mike Wiskus

Lucas Oil Airshows

- Minneapolis, MN

"It's great working with people who understand the "big picture". Jim has that capacity. I enjoy working with him and trust him at the helm."

Jerry Kidrick

Airshow Director, ERAU Wings-Out-West Airshow

- Prescott, AZ

"Jim Gibson is our "go-to" Airboss for our annual Wings-out-West airshow here at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott Arizona, and has been for the past several years. Jim has the personality, Airboss skills, training, and airshow performer contacts needed to conduct a great show. Jim’s solid reputation as an Airboss is well deserved and he will be our guy moving forward."

Phaedra Childers

Event Coordinator for Thunder in the Valley Air Show

– Columbus, GA

"Jim Gibson is a highly trained air boss. Jim has extensive knowledge and experience for both sides of organizing an air show - from ground operations to air show operations. Jim's accomplished skills come from his time served as a volunteer committee member, planning director to air boss of his hometown air shows. He assures communication is consistent and fluid between ATC, Airport management, FAA, ICAS and Air Show staff members. Jim gives a tremendous amount of attention to the schedule for safety of both performers and airport community. He can quickly identify the finest of details that make for a seamless run of the show for spectators. Jim Gibson is truly an asset for the air show industry."

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